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As we all try to navigate these unprecedented times, I've decided to reach out to all of you through the domain that used to belong to the Academy Acres North Neighborhood Association, which recently ceased to exist. If you are in the high-risk population (65+ or with an underlying medical condition), we're here to help to the best of our ability.  PLEASE reach out for assistance if you feel you can not safely go to the grocery or warehouse store for supplies or the pharmacy for a prescription. I have set up a Facebook Group for the AANNA as well. I would love it if we could all come together in this crazy time like neighbors used to.

I've provided information from the CDC, the New Mexico Department of Health, and Bernalillo County in the footer of every page of this site.  There are also other resources, such as a listing of the essential businesses and their special hours for those who are at-risk.  If I've missed something, please shoot me an email using our contact form here and I will add it.  If you are able and willing to help others get what they need, or help keep this website up to date, please reach out to me here, or in the Facebook Group.  The group is private, so you will need your address to join and your information will never be shared without your permission.

The virus doesn't care what we believe in, who our ancestors were, or what our politics are.  I, for one, am very grateful to the Governor of New Mexico for her quick and decisive actions.  Even I thought she was going a bit overboard, but she may have saved us the brunt of this catastrophe.  

We'll get through this if we all work #alltogetherNM to protect our neighbors.  For now, that means staying home.  Many people have not been taking this advice from medical professionals seriously, but if you don't, you'll be putting others in our community at risk of death.  Surely human lives are worth the sacrifice of staying home for a while.

Stay well neighbors!

Kim Kuhlman

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