Actually, I don't know very much about the AANNA myself!  I, my husband and our dogs and cats have lived in this neighborhood for about a year and a half and only know a few of our nearest neighbors in passing.  If you are a former AANNA Board Member, I would love to hear from you!

Thanks to COVID-19, I started doing some digging as to who was running the local neighborhood association.  I found the Academy Acres North Neighborhood Association on the City of Albuquerque's website, not once, but twice.  However, the domain, aanna.org had actually been returned to the wild.  I do SEO and web design, so I snapped it right up.  The domain has two .gov backlinks to it, which are pure gold in my world ;).  I'll probably have someone upset with me, but in the face of a pandemic, I just don't care.

I then called the City of ABQ and discovered that the Academy Acres North Neighborhood Association had gone defunct in late 2019, less than 6 months ago!  I know people have gotten more and more distant with the adoption of technology, but I feel that we've got to work together even though we're "social distancing" right now.  I think we Americans have been practicing "social distancing" for quite a while, actually, and it's high time we start uniting again.  There's been too much division lately, too much suspicion and anger.  Please help me put a stop to it in our little corner of Albuquerque.

So, here I am with a brand new website cooked up in about a day and a half and wondering how to start letting folks know that they can reach out for help, if they need it.  Hopefully some will stumble on it the same way I did, by just looking for it.  It IS on the big blue sign above as you drive into the neighborhood after all.  More likely, I'll have to print up some cards or letters and walk the streets tucking them into neighbor's mailboxes.  If you see me wave at you on your Ring camera, I'm 5'6", white with blond and auburn striped hair, and I don't bite.  I'll probably be accompanied by an English Springer Spaniel.  Can't miss me.  Hopefully I won't get shot or yelled at.  I've literally witnessed both in the past two years.

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